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Proudly providing affordable professional counseling in North Georgia for almost three decades 


Mental health is part of wellness the same way that nutrition is. Feeding the brain with healthy support is crucial to living life to the fullest. That's why our mission at Foothills Counseling Center is to help North Georgians develop healthy minds, habits, and environments by providing counseling services regardless of income. 

Foothills Counseling, established now almost 30 years ago, is a friend and neighbor. All of our counselors are certified and licensed, each having more than 20 years of experience in addiction, family, marriage, and adolescent counseling.


Importantly, we are a non-profit that charges on a sliding scale, making services affordable.  


Foothills Counseling Center delivers professional support, listening ears, and safe company so that life's path is not lonely. You will find a confidential place to discuss personal challenges. Your goals, values, and beliefs will be respected and supported by trusted, experienced counselors. 

Sharing your story with a Foothills therapist can begin healing processes, helping you to develop or improve coping skills. Therapy can guide you in how to talk about what you’ve been through and understand your feelings about it.

Foothills Counseling and Wellness Center provides affordable, confidential, professional counseling services for:


  • Individuals, couples, and families

  • Adolescents/teens (limited space for children)

  • Individual life skills counseling

  • Weekly grief support groups (no charge)

  • Everyone and anyone, regardless of income (no one is turned away)

Counelor's Desk

Is Foothills for you? Some common discovery questions include: 

  • Thoughts or anxiety about making a
    "big change" in your life

  • A sense that something is wrong

  • Physical signs of emotional stress

  • Sleep issues

  • Concentration lapses

  • New or worrisome feelings
    from a life change

  • Thoughts of harming yourself

  • Addictive behavior

  • Family, marriage, or relationship troubles

  • Grieving a loss 

  • Struggling with Covid-19 aftermath 

Support Our Mission 


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